Yeah man, my bio. I'm a cool breeze in the Pacific, I'm a poet, so sexy, so intricate. Check out the poetry blog and spread the love.


Some Bloggers Ya’ Should Follow! ^_^

Hey guys, how’s it going? :DThat was not a rhetorical question, by the way. Please feel free to let me know! I’d like to, once again, tell YOU, the reader, how much I appreciate you. I’ve been running the blog for well over a year now and I’ve been able to…

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Mud Trespasser

Creased veins, why – WHY do you even sucumb to an abberations of distress?

My dormant claw clutches the locked door’s key, gripping tenaciously,

Waiting oh-so patiently for the alteration of an all but distorted time.

The boiling point has consummated a…

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The Wings of Tree-Fruit

But the string, for me and you

I grow wear and dreary – tomatoes

But only if I say so, butts for pesos and erasers to halos

It is only as I say.

Fore, the plucked castles are the passion and fashion for the hassle

And rain, dripping

Skipping together as…

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The Silver Casino

So cautious is that soul – it’s been going through the same substance every dawn

There is no ultimatum.

So, uh, that soul pretends to fit in the target’s aim…

But this body, left in the coldest banks, only travels astray.

Through passed nickels and hay -

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That Dude Eddie Talks About Writing and Recites “10,000 Midnights”

Hey guys, I’m back with a new vlog. Sorry, for the delay but I been rather busy the past week. Anyway here it is. :)

That Dude Eddie Talks About Writing and Recites “10,000 Midnights”


Let me…

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Deaf Noise


I’ve got a problem, I suppose. And I don’t know how to solve it. Put the striped beanie on, it keeps your head fairly cozy. I could easily traverse the dangers of a filthy dungeon with a 10-foot pole. This pole, cold to the touch. Gray, it never ever,…

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Rainy With a Chance of Clouds

This is some smexy writing ^_^

This week, folklore between the bars of prison

Social standing, all but accurate precision

All but boastful incision in the term of decision

Back then, the decommission of commitment

Now, the mission to dish in the belts of felt equipment

Write me

Tell me…

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